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Setapp Recommendations

Date : 15th April 2022

Duration: 29:56

Show ref: SCOM1143

With over 230 apps to choose from, Setapp is a no-brainer subscription service for Mac and iOS. In this show, Don gives a brief overview of 8 utilities that are offered in Setapp, and that he uses daily to enhance his computing experience.

TextSoap 8

Date : 12th July 2019

Duration: 36:19

Show ref: SCOM0855

TextSoap is a fantastic application that allows you to transform and manipulate text in many different ways. If you find you're constantly editing or fixing the same badly formatted text over and over again, TextSoap can save you hours.

Pre-loaded with many different pre-defined text cleaners, you can access the power of TextSoap through clipboard integration, a menu bar app, macOS services or even AppleScript.

TextSoap also allows you to create your own custom cleaners, with virtually unlimited flexibility.

In this tutorial, Don takes you through using the many different facets of TextSoap 8

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TextSoap 7

Date : 11th May 2013

Duration: 34:08

Show ref: SCOM0399

If you work with text, you need TextSoap!

TextSoap is the perfect application for fixing or cleaning your text.

With over 100+ built in text cleaners, TextSoap will fix all those niggling problems with your text, from extra spaces and returns to stripping out unwanted strings or even HTML code. You can even create your own simple text cleaners to match your requirements exactly, or built complex conditional cleaners to do things you never thought possible. Either way, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.