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Tip - Todoist Updates

Date : 4th October 2022

Duration: 13:23

Show ref: SCOM1192

We covered Todoist back in 2019, however as it's a very progressive application that's frequently updated, Lee felt it was time to check in with the app. In this video, he walks you through some of the improvements to the interface that have taken place in the last twelve months. Viewing task information in Todoist and editing it has become a lot easier, as has the ability to find and launch frequently-used commands.

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Todoist Task Manager

Date : 15th February 2019

Duration: 52:11

Show ref: SCOM0813

In this week's tutorial, Lee walks you through one of the most popular cross-platform task management applications available today, and that's Todoist.

With access to your data from almost any device, as well as advanced features such as recurring tasks, project templates and web integrations, It will help you keep on top of those important tasks, no matter where you are. Lee shows you Todoist on the web, on a Mac, and concludes with a guided tour of the iOS interface on iPad.