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Tweetbot for Mac

Date : 3rd June 2022

Duration: 32:29

Show ref: SCOM1157

There are a number of Twitter clients available these days, and one of our favorites is Tweetbot from Tapbots. In this screencast Todd shows you many of the features of Tweetbot 3 for the Mac, including Lists, Columns, and Search, and he shows you how to connect multiple Twitter accounts right within the app.

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Tweetbot - Twitter Client

Date : 4th May 2012

Duration: 25:12

Show ref: SCOI0056

Twitter is maturing into an indispensable messaging platform for many millions of people. The importance of Twitter has been recognised by Apple by its deep integration with iOS5.

Unfortunately, the official Twitter client leaves a lot to be desired, and the quest for the ultimate Twitter client continues unabated.

This week, I take a look at what may take the title of the ultimate Twitter client, and that's Tweetbot.