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In the second of this two-part series, Lee concludes his tour of Airmail 4. Expanding on the topics covered in the first screencast, you learn how to configure templates and set up rules to automate and streamline email management.

Lee also runs through the wealth of configuration options available, then switches to iPhone to show you the interface and how to compose an email on Airmail for iOS.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Viewing Filters
  • Searching
  • Smart Folders
  • Templates
  • Redirect, Send Again & Bounce
  • Rules
  • Preferences
  • Airmail on iOS
  • Compose Email on iOS

App Store Links: Airmail - Mac App Store

Airmail - iOS App Store

Show Links: Airmail - vendor site

Video Tutorial Comments

(7 comments posted)

Mark Burdick

What you've given us is a good commentary on Airmail; however, I think the one essential part that you forgot to include was around the question of support.

Airmail Pro has the worst support -- bar none. They simply don't respond. And even if you have the Pro version, they don't respond. I've had this ongoing issue regarding my preferences and win and I can't get a response from anyone. I switched back to Newton for that reason. I do agree that no one email client does necessarily everything. However, if you're in need of support, any email client is worthless without support. Agreed?

Is this something you can help with in explaining? Thanks and enjoying the service.


Don McAllister

Hi Mark,

Thanks for raising this as an issue but it's not normally something that we cover when looking at an app. I would agree that support is paramount, not only for email clients but for any app or service.

We're not really reviewing the app and supporting services, we're exposing the apps core functionality and how it might be used in typical scenarios.

Invariably, it's vary rare we need to contact support when planning and recording the screencasts - in fact, if we did, the mere fact that if support is needed, might well exclude an app from being covered.

In this case we did not need to reach out to support, so had nothing negative to report.

I hope this doesn't diminish the value of the screencasts and we will continue to try to be fair and objective when selecting other apps to be covered for future screencasts.

Mark Burdick

May I ask a short question around your experience with Airmail? In opening it on the Mac, unless I immediately go to preferences and go to General and switch Compatibility (to either Airmail Pro or Legacy) the side account icons roll up like a son-of-a-gun on my 13" or my 16" and after full uninstall and reinstall. I know you're not their support team, but are you by chance experiencing the same?

Lee Garrett

Hi there Mark - thanks for the comment. I haven't had such an experience I'm afraid, however I would like to point out that if I find myself with anything that seems a little strange, or off, as I'm researching or delivering a screencast, I always try to make point of letting you good people know and advise how I fixed the issue. Sometimes, I even find stuff going wrong in the middle of recording! So rest assured, if I'd seen something like that, I'd have included it but I'm afraid to say that's not the case.

Good luck in resolving though! I would contact their Support Team and see how you get on.

Lee Garrett

Although in saying that, I've just seen your earlier comment around Airmail Support!! I have to say, I made two queries when recording which was solely around how to use various features because the documentation and web resources were not abundantly clear - and they DID get back to me quickly. However, that was for information they would have had to hand - I have no experiencing about them fault-finding, so cannot pass comment.

Liz Bronstein

Hi Lee,
Great Tutorial! Is there any way I can make the font on emails a lot bigger (16 pt) when I'm writing them-just on my screen-And then when they arrive in the person's mailbox, they are 12pt.
It would be dream come true! Thanks


Jean-François Brissette

Hello Liz, and sorry for the delay in replying...

(This is J.F. the supervising editor here at SCO.)

When it comes to email, controlling how your message will look in your recipient's inbox is hard to do since your recipient's email client has its own set of preferences that are distinct from yours. And that will be different based on which program you use. If you communicate with that person frequently, perhaps you could get together and set that font to a comfortable size for them?

Hope that helps and glad you enjoyed Lee's look at Airmail.

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