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Over the years there have been a lot of apps covered by Lee on ScreenCastsOnline. However it's not often that he is wowed by one so much that it immediately becomes an intrinsic part of his workflow. Anybox, the cross-platform bookmark manager, is one exception. This is because it does a lot more than just manage a database of browsing bookmarks. Anybox is able to store links, files, open web pages with customisable shortcuts, archive web content, and so much more. In this video, Lee walks you through the basics of bookmark management as well as tap into some of the extra features that make this a top tier macOS application.

The full tutorial covers:

  • First Run [00:00:44]
  • Opening Bookmarks [00:03:34]
  • Quick Find [00:04:21]
  • Adding Bookmarks [00:06:41]
  • Quick Save [00:09:24]
  • Safari Extension [00:10:26]
  • Collections [00:11:10]
  • Headings [00:13:14]
  • Customising Collections [00:14:01]
  • Smart Lists [00:15:40]
  • Anydock [00:18:23]
  • Sidebar [00:22:41]
  • Keyword Expansion [00:24:39]
  • Quick Link [00:26:21]
  • Archiving Webpages [00:27:49]
  • Stash Box [00:31:19]
  • Open Quickly [00:33:46]
  • Alfred Workflow [00:34:14]
  • Search and Filter [00:37:16]
  • Settings [00:38:25]

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Video Tutorial Comments

(4 comments posted)

Alan Legg

Hi Lee, thanks for covering this app. I can't seem to get my head around how they let you manage your bookmarks. I'm an existing user who moved from With both of those bookmark managers they let you add keywords to help search your bookmark collection. Within you can further organise with folders, but importing bookmarks from either of these systems creates 1000+ collections, ignoring any other structure that you may have, especially in More frustaitingly is the inability, as far as I can tell, to search for a collection or get them in any order such as alphabetically from top to bottom. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Lee Garrett

Hi Alan - thanks for the comment, and totally agree with you, first of all. I've reached out to the developer on a couple of questions to ask about organising of bookmarks, and it's agreed that it's an area for work. Even sorting items within a collection from A-Z isn't there, but I'm sure will be. Now for someone like me, that spends very little time IN the app itself, it's not a problem, because I treat Anybox almost like Alfred, in that I live on the Quick Find feature to pull stuff out. I'd almost be fine sticking everything in one massive collection because I don't spend a lot of time in the app organising. I'd say I'm in a minority though and this has a negative effect when you are using the iOS app and don't have that rapid Quick Search (although Spotlight searches on iOS return results for your Anybox bookmarks)

You mention that in you can add keywords to help search. Well in Anybox, if you go to Preferences -> Quick Find, you can check the box that says Link Descriptions and when you do your search, any content in the description field for a link
will be searched to, so you can fill these with keywords/phrases/anything to help you search there as well

Alan Legg

Hi Lee,

I also contacted the developer and received this reply, it explains how to sort collections, mine were imported in a seemingly random order. And as you mention using the Quick Search (Quick Find) helps you find bookmarks but I'm still not convinced that keywords or tags to collections is right for me. I'm going to play with the source data from Raindrop to see if I can move the tags to a different part of the import so they don't come in as collections.

Here's their response:

At the moment Anybox has only one level of hierarchy for collections, which works like tags rather than folders. So your previous bookmarking experience can’t not be fully transferred to Anybox. But Anybox does has solutions to some of your problems here.

- You can sort collections by name or date. On the Mac, right-click the Collections heading and select the way you want to sort. It’s long-press on the iPhone.
- You can also press ? + P to invoke Open Quickly to search for collections and go to collections. Open Quickly works on both the Mac and the iPhone. On the iPhone, you can tap the Open Quickly toolbar item in the toolbar (configure in the settings if you didn’t see it).
- You can use Quick Find on both platforms to search for bookmarks.
- You can navigate to other collections by clicking the collections button in the Inspector (? + I on the Mac). Or if you’re on the iOS, long-press and select go to Collections.


Lee Garrett

That's great and some good research there! Mirrors my experience for sure. Good luck with your experimenting, I hope you find the system that works for you.

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