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Over the years there have been a lot of apps covered by Lee on ScreenCastsOnline. However it's not often that he is wowed by one so much that it immediately becomes an intrinsic part of his workflow. Anybox, the cross-platform bookmark manager, is one exception. This is because it does a lot more than just manage a database of browsing bookmarks. Anybox is able to store links, files, open web pages with customisable shortcuts, archive web content, and so much more. In this video, Lee walks you through the basics of bookmark management as well as tap into some of the extra features that make this a top tier macOS application.

The full tutorial covers:

  • First Run [00:00:44]
  • Opening Bookmarks [00:03:34]
  • Quick Find [00:04:21]
  • Adding Bookmarks [00:06:41]
  • Quick Save [00:09:24]
  • Safari Extension [00:10:26]
  • Collections [00:11:10]
  • Headings [00:13:14]
  • Customising Collections [00:14:01]
  • Smart Lists [00:15:40]
  • Anydock [00:18:23]
  • Sidebar [00:22:41]
  • Keyword Expansion [00:24:39]
  • Quick Link [00:26:21]
  • Archiving Webpages [00:27:49]
  • Stash Box [00:31:19]
  • Open Quickly [00:33:46]
  • Alfred Workflow [00:34:14]
  • Search and Filter [00:37:16]
  • Settings [00:38:25]

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