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If you live on a small screen or have a lot of menu bar items, you need Bartender. This great utility, which has gone through a major redesign for Big Sur, brings huge advancements in how you can control your menu bar items. With Allison as your guide, you learn about Bartender's many features and how to best customize them for your specific workflow.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Menu Bar without Bartender
  • Quick Search
  • Preferences – General
  • Menu Bar Layout
  • Adding a Spacer
  • Hot Keys
  • Show for Updates
  • Update to Test Builds

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Bartender - Home

Video Tutorial Comments

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Alan Legg

Great tutorial, thanks for putting it together. It's the one app I have to have on my Mac, especially with the smaller screens. I purchased it as soon as the beta version was released, it's a must have especially with the wider spacing in Big Sur. I switched back to the previous OS spacing as there are far too many to fit on the screen. I have just three that I use all of the time with the rest hidden, it's too cluttered otherwise.


Allison Sheridan

Thanks, Alan - I couldn't agree more! I'm bummed that for my production system I'm stuck back on Catalina. I LOVE Bartender 4 and I'm annoyed I have to use Bartender 3. Thanks for the kind words as well.

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