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Book Tracker for iPhone, iPad, and Mac helps you manage your reading list. If you like to read, this handy little app will help you catalog your library, track your reading progress, save your favorite quotes, and more. Mike demonstrates why he feels this is an essential utility for all bookworms, regardless of the type of books they read.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Installing & First Run [00:00:50]
  • Book Tracker UI [00:03:12]
  • Adding Books [00:04:25]
  • Add Books via Barcode [00:07:14]
  • Adding Books Manually [00:08:10]
  • Reading Status & Progress [00:08:52]
  • Adding Quotes [00:11:05]
  • Statistics [00:12:46]
  • Reading Challenges [00:12:56]
  • Quotes [00:14:51]
  • Wish List [00:15:47]
  • Metadata & Tags [00:16:57]
  • Settings [00:19:48]
  • Import & Export [00:24:41]
  • Widgets [00:29:24]
  • iPad [00:32:38]
  • Mac [00:34:38]

App Store Links:

Book Tracker - iOS

Book Tracker - Mac

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Michael Klein

Thanks for the review, it's a good review for a very interesting app. One thing I want to add, I think the contend could be a little more dense. Showing the same action over and over makes it a little slow (for me at least)

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