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Contextual computing is very much on trend at the moment so who better than Brett Terpstra to bring us a macOS text-based utility to help you launch applications and files, and execute system commands that tie in to the type of tasks you are performing. Bunch is an app that can assist you with this and in this video, Lee show you the basics and shows you how to create workflows to support the way you work on your Mac.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Overview [00:01:00]
  • Downloading [00:05:42]
  • First Run [00:06:14]
  • Bunch File Overview [00:07:43]
  • Opening a Bunch [00:10:15]
  • Creating a Bunch [00:11:51]
  • Opening Apps [00:14:21]
  • Persistent Apps [00:15:36]
  • Using System Commands [00:15:53]
  • Creating a Bunch with TextEdit [00:16:53]
  • Toggle Mode vs. Single Mode [00:19:08]
  • Quitting Running Apps on Open [00:19:58]
  • Opening Files [00:20:24]
  • Launching an App on Bunch Close [00:22:42]
  • Opening Linked Files [00:23:47]
  • Pop-up Windows [00:25:03]
  • Opening Web Pages [00:27:07]
  • Creating a Bunch from Open Apps [00:28:30]
  • Screencast Example [00:30:31]
  • Preferences [00:32:25]

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