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Carbon Copy Cloner is a modern, powerful and yet simple to use backup utility.

It includes the usual methods of cloning to an external drive on a schedule, but it also allows you to back up to another Mac, or even a disk image stored on network-attached storage.

If you want more advanced features, it can do things like power on your Mac to execute the clone, only clone on weekdays, run scripts before and after the clone, and much much more.

The full tutorial covers:

  • What can CCC do?
  • Full Disk Access
  • First Clone of Two Folders
  • Scheduled Tasks
  • Help Files
  • Backup to Remote Mac
  • Clone to Disk Image
  • Recover from Disk Image
  • Copy Some Files
  • Backup Status Emails
  • Advanced Settings
  • Advanced: Before Copying Files
  • Advanced: While Copying Files
  • Advanced: Troubleshooting Options
  • Advanced: After Copying Files
  • Groups
  • Volumes
  • Preferences
  • Menus
  • Simple Mode

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