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Craft is an application that is rapidly gaining cult status amongst creative people in the Apple ecosphere. Using this software you are able to create beautiful, modular documents, and publish to users and viewers with the touch of a button.

With Lee as your guide, you learn how to create and edit these documents on both macOS and iOS, as well as export your files to different formats.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Pricing & First Run
  • Pages and Blocks
  • Creating a New Document
  • Page Details
  • Actions
  • Sharing and Publishing
  • Organising Documents
  • Preferences
  • Craft on iPadOS
  • iPad OS Preferences

App Store Links:

Craft on the Mac

Craft for iOS

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Video Tutorial Comments

(4 comments posted)

Alix Martin

Not sure how this is better than Notion and it would be good if Craft and Notion could share data. That said it looks good and Lee did a great job at the tutorial

Lee Garrett

That’s very kind of you to say, thanks Alix. Those creative ones can be difficult and take a lot of planning so glad it came across Ok.

Richard Scott-Will-Harknett

Nice job Lee. I'm a recent full-on convert to Craft having tried all sorts of tools such as Notion, Roam Research, Obsidian, Drafts, Apple Notes, Bear in various ways for things from note-taking through to mini-PKM systems. I've now moved all of it into Craft. While it still has some gaps (eg no tables), I much prefer Craft to the other tools. It seems to me to be an app with a bright future. You'll know that Craft recently released the Craft Connect update. I'd be interested in seeing you take on that.


Lee Garrett

Hi Richard - nice comment, thanks! Lots of good feedback on this one which I appreciate. I love it's simplicity at the moment because it's clear that it's going to grow and there is room for that. Agree on the tables, I use them a lot - but I'm sure that won't be long.

Stay safe....

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