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Applications on macOS that are used daily, yet are predominantly free, are a rarity these days. So when Lee discovered Dropover, a shelf utility for the Mac, he immediately wanted to share it with you in this screencast. As well as providing an easy mechanism for dragging and dropping files, Dropover offers more functionality that is covered in detail. This includes using cloud storage to send links, setting up watched folders to automatically add files to shelves, and configure Instant Actions to quickly rename and resize files, and much more.

The full tutorial covers:

  • First Run [00:00:39]
  • Adding a Shelf [00:03:27]
  • Moving Files and Documents [00:03:47]
  • Copying Files and Documents [00:05:30]
  • Reopening Closed Shelves [00:08:04]
  • Adding URLs and Text Snippets [00:08:55]
  • Customising Shelves [00:09:36]
  • Shelf Actions [00:11:50]
  • Shared Links [00:18:44]
  • Instant Actions [00:23:54]
  • Watched Folders [00:25:48]
  • Alfred Integration [00:28:42]
  • Command Bar [00:30:22]
  • Other Preferences [00:30:54]

App Store Links:

Dropover - App Store

Show Links:

Dropover - Developer Site

Video Tutorial Comments

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Kenneth Taylor

I like to run StageManager with Desktops hidden, so having a shelf available to drop and move files is very valuable. A very useful utility. Thanks for the review.

Lee Garrett

Using it with StageManager is a great use case! Glad it helped.

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