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Find Any File lets you search for files on your disk in ways that Spotlight can’t. It uses the system driver’s fast search operations and lets you search for file properties and inside bundles and packages that are normally hidden. You can think of it as a way to augment Spotlight when searching for files on your system.

In this episode, Allison goes deep on Find Any File and reveals its power with several useful examples.

The full tutorial covers

  • First Launch [00:00:54]
  • Locations for Search [00:04:40]
  • Searching Backup Disk [00:07:24]
  • Search by Size [00:10:24]
  • Spotlight Indexing for PDFs [00:12:15]
  • Narrowing Search Results [00:13:15]
  • Saved Search Criteria [00:15:46]
  • Option Key [00:17:53]
  • Searching as Root [00:18:44]
  • Settings [00:21:42]

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Find Any File - App Store

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Find Any File - Download from website

Find Any File - Manual

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