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In the last of Lee's series based on browsing the internet on macOS, he touches on one browser and one search engine that pride themselves on their levels of privacy and security.

Firefox, by Mozilla, is a great option for those who crave security but also need to work on different platforms. DuckDuckGo is an excellent choice for those who simply don't want to be tracked by third parties when browsing. It can be used as a full-featured search engine and as an extension for Safari. Lee shows you both in today's episode.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Start [00:00:00]
  • Firefox Download & First Look [00:00:57]
  • End of Preview [00:04:20]
  • Syncing Devices [00:05:57]
  • Profiles [00:07:36]
  • Address and Search Bar [00:09:37]
  • Smart Keywords [00:11:26]
  • Tagging [00:12:40]
  • Extensions [00:14:47]
  • Settings [00:16:22]
  • DuckDuckGo Overview [00:22:55]
  • DuckDuckGo Extension [00:29:44]
  • !Bangs in DuckDuckGo [00:32:15]
  • Help for DuckDuckGo [00:33:33]
  • Wrap Up [00:34:08]

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