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Whilst Safari is the default web browser for many of us on macOS, Google Chrome has worked hard recently to shake off its reputation for taking up lots of machine resources. With a heavy feature set and ever-growing list of extensions available, it can be a great default browser.

Lee goes into Chrome in-depth in this video, looking at the basics of installing and setting up individual profiles, putting its many useful features to good use, all the way through to configuring your own security and privacy settings to make your browsing experience as comfortable as possible.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Install & Interface [00:00:34]
  • Profiles [00:04:08]
  • Organising Tabs and Windows [00:08:22]
  • Tab Groups [00:11:56]
  • Changing Search Engines [00:14:39]
  • Searching Extras [00:17:34]
  • Bookmarks [00:18:19]
  • Reading List [00:22:10]
  • Customising Chrome [00:23:17]
  • Auto-fill [00:25:06]
  • Extensions [00:27:45]
  • Keeping Chrome Lean [00:31:56]
  • Chrome Settings [00:34:16]

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