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Hazel has been around for a long time as a utility application on macOS, looking at folders of your choosing and watching for changes, so that it can work magic and move/copy/rename files as well as a whole host of other actions. Previous versions of Hazel lived in System Preferences, however the release of version 5 of Hazel heralded a new era, that of a stand-alone application on the Mac.

In the first of a two-part series, Lee starts with the basics of purchasing and installing Hazel before setting up some basic rules. He continues with some real-world examples that highlight some key features that help you manage your files.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Pricing and Installation [00:01:31]
  • The Interface [00:05:18]
  • Moving Files [00:08:19]
  • Renaming a File [00:17:33]
  • Performing OCR with Hazel [00:20:10]
  • Troubleshooting with Preview Rules [00:30:12]
  • Sorting into Subfolders [00:31:40]

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(2 comments posted)

Wolfgang Müller

Hi Lee,
I really enjoyed your screencast about Hazel. Particularly because you showed a solution for a problem that bothers me for months now.
The automatic OCR on PDF-Files in a specific folder. I'm not us work with Applescripts. So my questions are:
- Where can I get this script?
- Is it possible to adapt that script to other OCR-Apps?
Thanks a lot for your inspiration and in advance for your answer.
Best regards,

Charles Brands

When can we expect part 2?

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