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As a Mac user, there will invariably be tasks you perform on your files and folders that are repetitive in nature. Wouldn't it be nice to have some way to automate those actions so you can focus on more important work?

Hazel is a popular utility that can monitor folders and files, and then take action based on rules you set up.

In this week's Foundation screencast Todd introduces you to the latest version of Hazel. He goes from installation and setup to the anatomy of a rule, as well as the various settings Hazel gives you. Todd then walks you through building a task made up of several pieces that work together to create a more complex and efficient workflow.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Installation & Setup
  • Anatomy of a Hazel Rule
  • Cleaning Up Your Desktop
  • One Folder Multiple Rules
  • Testing Your Rules
  • Checking the Status of Your Rules
  • Automatically Rename Files
  • Triggering Scripts & Workflows
  • Everyday Hazel Example
  • Create Automator Workflow
  • Renaming Photos
  • Automator Workflow
  • Hazel Settings

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Hazel - Noodlesoft

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