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macOS has a hugely powerful indexing feature called Spotlight built right into the operating system. Spotlight can index hundreds of thousands of files, folders, email messages and more and store a multitude of information about each object. The problem is how to search this rich database of information and find the stuff you want, quickly and effectively.

That's where HoudahSpot comes in.

HoudahSpot gives you an expanded UI to allow you to craft complex and powerful search queries with the minimum of fuss.

With the recent release of HoudahSpot 5, this essential application has become even more useful and offers some additional features.

In this full tutorial, we take you through the basics of HoudahSpot, the enhanced UI, the HoudahSpot Helper and the integration of HoudahSpot with the Finder and many third-party utilities.

It really is an essential app for all macOS users.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Introduction
  • User Interface
  • Working with Results
  • In-depth Searching
  • Snippets
  • Search Locations & Limits
  • Templates
  • Tags
  • HoudahSpot Helper
  • Privacy Options
  • Finder Extensions
  • Alfred Workflow
  • PopClip Action
  • Default Folder X Integration

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HoudahSpot Website

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David Bennett

I use EasyFind from Devon Technologies. It's free and while it is not as capable as Houdaspot, it generally finds what I want.

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