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There are a number of options to choose from when backing up your Mac, from Time Machine to clone backup and more. When it comes to iOS devices there is not as much flexibility. You can choose back up to iCloud or to your Mac but you can't access incremental backups or specific folders on your iOS devices. iMazing 2 is a utility for macOS that brings that flexibility to the iOS platform and give you a lot more control on your backups, their frequency, and the information you can access from those backups.

In this screencast, Todd begins with a quick refresher on what is available as part of the operating system. He then dives into the options that iMazing 2 offers to help you configure and manage your iOS backups, and shows you how to transfer information to and from your device.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Finder & iCloud Options
  • Installation and Setup
  • Device Details
  • Device Settings
  • Backup Settings
  • The Backup Process
  • Quick Transfer
  • Restore and Transfer
  • Manage Applications & Export Data
  • Accessing Files on Your iOS Device
  • Accessing Media Files
  • Accessing Messages and Phone Data
  • Accessing Web & Productivity Apps
  • Additional Tools
  • Preferences

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Video Tutorial Comments

(2 comments posted)

Ken Taylor

I've had iMazing for some time, your VDO helped me discover more amazing things I can do. Your explanations were an easy-to-follow-along. Thank you.. \(**)/


Todd Olthoff

Thanks Ken! So glad you liked the tutorial and it was helpful!

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