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Using keyboard shortcuts is something many Mac users do on a daily basis, to speed up their workflow. But remembering them can be challenging, especially the ones that are not used often. This is where KeyCue can come to the rescue.

PopChar X and Typinator are also part of this productivity bundle from Ergonis Software. Organizing and inserting special characters easily, and expanding abbreviations to longer bits of text is made a lot more convenient by using these long-standing apps, which offer many advanced features.

In this week's show, Lee Garrett walks you through the basics of this handy and powerful trio. He shows you how to install and set them up on your system, and gives you some examples of their use in your daily workflow.

The full tutorial covers:

  • KeyCue Installation
  • KeyCue Settings
  • Configuring Triggers and Actions
  • View Tab
  • Theme Tab
  • Custom Shortcuts
  • PopChar
  • Custom Layouts
  • PopChar Preferences
  • Typinator
  • Creating Abbreviations
  • Creating Date Stamps
  • Date & Time Calculations
  • Expand from Clipboard
  • Interactive Expansions
  • Variables and Built-in Functions
  • Sets
  • Preferences

Show Links:

A link to Ergonis Software's Home Page

Video Tutorial Comments

(2 comments posted)

Colin Campbell

Excellent debut Lee, look forward to more from you. I already have Typinator so useful to learn it can do so much more than I realised.

Ferrers Young

Regular Expressions would be an excellent topic for a ScreenCast and then how they are used in Typinator would be excellent.

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