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Keyword Search is a free Safari extension for Mac, iPad, and iPhone. With this utility, you can search your favorite websites directly from the Safari Smart Search field using just a couple of characters.

Keyword Search comes preconfigured with several popular websites and in this episode, Allison walks you through each of them and shows you how they work. You also learn how to configure your own custom searches on websites you frequent often, and take a brief look at Keyword Search on iPhone.

Please note thatpeople outside USA will have to change some of the installed URLs eg.

In UK. will need to be changed to and to etc.

The full tutorial covers:

  • How Search Works in our Browsers [00:00:38]
  • The Problems to be Solved [00:04:45]
  • Installing Keyword Search [00:05:50]
  • Built-in Searches [00:06:43]
  • Amazon & Adding New Keyword [00:07:06]
  • (Wayback Machine) [00:08:39]
  • Down for Everyone [00:09:40]
  • DuckDuckGo [00:10:44]
  • Ebay [00:11:45]
  • Google [00:12:12]
  • IMDB [00:13:44]
  • Stack Overflow [00:14:39]
  • Wikipedia & Wolfram Alpha [00:15:34]
  • YouTube [00:17:11]
  • Keyword Placement [00:17:42]
  • Custom Searches (with examples) [00:19:21]
  • Spaces in URLs [00:27:49]
  • Keyword Search on iPhone [00:30:17]
  • Bonus Tip: Search Within Page [00:34:09]

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Keyword Search - Mac App Store and iOS App Store

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Safari Keyword Search

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