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The new SSDs in our Macs are fabulous for speed but they're smaller than our older spinning hard drives. This means that space is at a premium, so it can be very useful to have some tools to identify where disk space is being unnecessarily wasted.

In this tutorial, Allison looks at two utilities: a purely text-based tool called OmniDiskSweeper from the Omni Group, and a beautiful graphical app called GrandPerspective. Both can help you make the most out of the disk space you have, but take a completely different perspective in attacking the problem.

The full tutorial covers

  • OmniDiskSweeper
  • Deleting Files
  • What the colors mean
  • GrandPerspective
  • Enable Deletions
  • Allowing access to Photos
  • Focus up/down
  • Show Package Contents
  • Save Scan Data
  • Color by
  • Masks
  • Filters
  • Filtered Scan
  • Preferences
  • Duplicate and Twin

App Store Links:

GrandPerspective on Mac App Store

Show Links:

GrandPerspective Website


Video Tutorial Comments

(4 comments posted)

Tony Criswell

Thanks, Allison! I've used GrandPerspective for a very long time, but I had no idea it had this capablility. I'll be using it a lot more!


Tony Criswell

I meant "capability"!!!

Allison Sheridan

Tony - I had the same reaction when I started digging in, I thought I knew it all but uncovered so many cool features.

Tommy Weir

There's a Size Window as part of Path Finder which looks and operates much like OmniDiskSweeper. You can delete from the window as well as use Path Finder to move files off to External drives of course. Path Finder is a much bigger app of course and costs quite a bit more.

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