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Finder is a staple application for every Mac user out there, but it does have its limitations. CocoaTech's PathFinder 10 is an excellent alternative to Finder that builds on that feature set and adds a slew of new options to make managing the files on your Mac much more powerful. With Lee as your guide, you go over the basics of Path Finder and then dive into its more advanced features.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Purchasing [00:00:45]
  • The Toolbar [00:03:09]
  • Bookmarks Bar [00:08:00]
  • Path Navigator [00:09:01]
  • Tabs [00:09:26]
  • Smart Sorting [00:11:46]
  • Batch Renaming [00:13:38]
  • Batch Select [00:17:35]
  • Secure Delete and Archiving [00:19:47]
  • Moving and Copying Files [00:20:42]
  • FolderSync [00:22:53]
  • Drop Stack [00:26:34]
  • Searching and Filtering [00:27:40]
  • Modules [00:30:49]
  • Sharing [00:36:35]
  • Preferences [00:39:06]

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Video Tutorial Comments

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Ian Townsend

Thanks Lee.
Another very helpful tutorial for an app with which I was not familiar. I have used Alfred for quick searches, Houdah for deep, obscure searches, Forklift for dual pane copying, and Yep! for tag and comment management for groups of files. Each app has its own strengths for specific purposes.
Path Finder has a lot of features I like, but one questionable feature is Tags. Path Finder shows existing tags, but it looks like if I want to add a tag to a file I need to type it manually. Path Finder does not seem to pull in the full list of existing Tags, so it looks like I need to re-enter all my Tags to Path Finder's "Tag Groups" window. Is there a way to import my Tag list from Finder into Path Finder's Tag Groups?

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