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In this screencast, Rosemary opens the door to another level of personal automation with Pushcut for iOS. From simply adding options when setting a HomeKit scene, to diving all the way into the deep end with an automation server, Rose provides plenty of automation ideas to tickle your fancy.

Pushcut works by sending notifications to let you run your automations. You can connect these to times or locations (or even to web services like Zapier or Integromat) to trigger shortcuts based on other events.

The full tutorial covers:

  • First Launch & Configuration
  • iPad Layout
  • iPhone Layout
  • HomeKit Notification
  • HomeKit Watch Notification
  • Notification Sounds
  • Local Triggers
  • Shortcuts Notification
  • Import Shortcuts to Pushcut
  • Shortcuts Support
  • Connecting Pushcut to Zapier
  • Automation Server
  • Pushcut Settings

App Store Links: Pushcut: Automate Shortcuts - iOS App Store

Privacy Policy - Pushcut Website

Support Manual - Pushcut Website

Pushcut Zapier Actions - Zapier Website

Pushcut Integromat Actions - Integromat Website

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