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The original version of ScreenFloat has been around for a long time and recently, version 2 was released, bringing along a host of features that cannot be ignored. As well as focusing on capturing portions of your screen, ScreenFloat 2 is great at helping you organise all of these shots, which is incredibly useful for projects you are working on. In this video, Lee shows you the different capturing methods, how to capture as well as redact text, as well as faces!  Closing and hiding active shots is a key part of the app and this is covered in detail, as well as the Shots Browser, which lets you organise your captures using Folders, Smart Folders and Tags. SCO screencast mentioned in this episode: Tip - macOS - ScreenFloat (2017)

The full tutorial covers:

  • Pricing and Installation [00:00:56]
  • Working with New Shots [00:02:38]
  • Timed Captures [00:05:53]
  • Screen Recording [00:06:59]
  • Some Power User Capture Tips [00:08:27]
  • Closing and Hiding Shots [00:10:08]
  • Working with Your Shots [00:12:20]
  • Detecting Shot Content [00:15:28]
  • Changing Shot Metadata [00:19:06]
  • Using the Actions Menu [00:20:39]
  • Using the Shots Browser [00:22:52]
  • Searching [00:29:19]
  • Exporting Shots [00:30:23]
  • Marking Up Your Shots [00:31:22]
  • Double Click Workflows [00:35:14]
  • Using Widgets [00:38:41]
  • ScreenFloat Settings [00:39:56]

App Store Links:

ScreenFloat 2 - App Store

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ScreenFloat 2 - Product Page

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Video Tutorial Comments

(2 comments posted)

Justin Moors

This has been an absolute game changer for me, it's an app I didn't know that I needed until I watched this video. Today I have been writing software tutorials and using Screenfloat to capture, manage and annotate the grabs has increased the speed of my workflow immensely.

Lee Garrett

Thanks Justin - all credit to the developer, I'm merely the conduit to show how it work. When I found out an update to a screen capture application was out, before I looked at it, I had it pencilled for MAYBE a tip show on a Tuesday. Then I started using it and realised there was so much in there I had to go into detail and share it. Definitely one of the apps I've stuck with for sure.

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