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After watching Lee's recent deep dive into different browsers on macOS, you may well find yourself using more than one browser to suit different needs. And if you are like the majority of users out there, you will have lots of tabs open at once, perhaps spread across a few browsers.

Tab Finder by MacPlus software allows you to search for the tab you want from one central location, rather than navigate the different browsers and lose time. You learn all about this clever utility in this episode.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Start [00:00:00]
  • First Look [00:00:35]
  • Navigating Tabs from Multiple Browsers [00:02:49]
  • Tab Finder Preferences [00:05:11]
  • Rescan All Tabs [00:06:22]
  • Wrap Up [00:06:51]

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Tab Finder on Setapp

Tab Finder - Home

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