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Mental health awareness is, thankfully, more prevalent now than ever. It's important that during trying times, people are able to reach out and ask for help, or use tools that are able to promote positivity.

Affirmations, by Justin Hamilton, is a free app for iOS that is able to fuse these elements together by sending you regular affirmations as well as schedule random ones if you prefer. With a stellar set of helplines and websites that you can go to if you are struggling to cope with areas of your life, this really is a useful application that you should have, and Lee shows you how to put it to good use in this screencast.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Introduction and Installation [00:00:37]
  • Adding Custom Affirmations [00:03:11]
  • Filtering Affirmations by Words [00:03:35]
  • Setting Up Notifications [00:04:15]
  • Appearance [00:05:18]
  • Breathe & Fidget [00:06:19]
  • Resources & Tip Jar [00:07:20]
  • Setting Up a Widget [00:07:53]

App Store Links: Affirmations - Care Reminders

Show Links: Developer Site

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