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We all know just how useful the macOS menu bar is for displaying information that we wish to see at a glance. As well as individual apps having their own menu bar icons, it's also possible to use third-party applications such as iStat menus to add additional useful icons.

BitBar is an open-source application that allows you to create scripts or plugins to display information in your menu bar. There is a whole library of plugins available to download and install, all for free.

In this week's tip, Don demonstrates how to install BitBar and configure a couple of plugins.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Installation
  • Dark Mode Toggle
  • Solar Edge Monitoring

Show Links:

BitBar Website - Link

BitBar on GitHub - Link

Video Tutorial Comments

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Tony Criswell

Nice app. Thanks. Now somebody needs to develop a 2-line menubar! 😉 And, yes, I'm using Bartender but my visible bar is getting very full.


Don McAllister

Ha! Now that’s a good idea. Bartender does go a long way to helping though.

Dennis Pipper

Thanks for this, Don. Gonna go lose some time on BitBar now...

Colin Croft

I use Solar Edge to monitor my system as well. I've installed BitBar and have followed your instructions to the letter, but end up with the sleep icon and . Should this plugin run regardless of where you are?


Don McAllister

Hi Colin, Yes as far as I’m aware. It just needs the API information from your SolarEdge Account.

Don McAllister

Just testing embedded URLs ( are working

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