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There are a number of different workflows that you can install with Alfred, the popular app launcher for macOS. However, one in particular has caught Lee's eye and he uses it on a daily basis to carry out currency conversions, date calculations, weight conversions and more. Calculate Anything is a versatile utility and in this video, Lee shows you how to install it, alongside the dependencies it requires to work. You also get a sneak peek into how the new Alfred Gallery will work when installing workflows.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Installing Calculate Anything [00:01:13]
  • Running for First Time [00:04:42]
  • Resolving Dependencies with Alfred [00:05:11]
  • Adding an API key [00:06:58]
  • Using Calculate Anything [00:07:56]

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Alfred - GitHub Page

Video Tutorial Comments

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Mike Harahan


I think your video needs a supplement. I tried installing Calculating Anything into Alfred. When I tried to Resolve Discrepancies, the screen showed an error message that the installer routine had quit.

I could see the program was trying to access Homebrew. Thus, I went to the Homebrew Web site and realized I had to have Homebrew installed on my Mac and an xcode module of command line tools. I installed both, and Alfred was able to cure the PHP deficiency. The workflow now works as advertised.

My bet is a vast majority of the community doesn't have Xcode or Homebrew installed on their Macs, and your going to get questions about why the Workflow can't cure the PHP deficiency

Lee Garrett

Hi Mike,

That is a great shout. Sometimes with these dependencies you don’t realise what you already have installed and what you don’t, so I’m really pleased you raised this. I believe there is a link within the Resolve Dependencies area that goes direct to Homebrew so will look to get a banner perhaps added or addition.

Thanks again

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