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We all know custom keyboard shortcuts are a boon to productivity, but it's such a faff to set them up via System Preferences. Time-consuming and prone to typos, the traditional way of setting up custom keyboard shortcuts can present some friction.

CustomShortcuts by Houdah Software is a free, easy-to-use utility that greatly simplifies the process. No need to navigate System Preferences, as auto-exposure of available menus per application plus auto-completion, makes the creation of custom keyboard shortcuts a breeze.

In this tip video, Don takes you through that process using CustomShortcuts, using a few practical examples.

The full tutorial covers:

  • System Preferences vs. CustomShortcuts
  • Add an Application
  • Ambiguous Shortcuts

Show Links:

CustonShortcuts - Website

Video Tutorial Comments

(3 comments posted)

Richard Bruning

Wow, a very useful addition to any modern lifestyle… and FREE! Thanks for bringing it to our attention, Don. SCO rules, as always!


Don McAllister

You’re welcome Richard.

Richard Bruning

And it also prompted me to buy Houdahspot (again. Had an earlier version). Very powerful.

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