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This week, Rosemary revisits a useful app that we looked at back in 2018, Dropzone. Now on version 4, this menu bar utility for Mac acts as a temporary storage shelf where you can drop folders and files that you want to act on later. It also offers various actions so you can perform repetitive tasks more easily.

In this tip you discover the ins and outs of Dropzone 4 using common scenarios you might encounter while using your Mac.

The full tutorial covers

  • First Look
  • Dropzone Actions
  • More Useful Actions
  • Action Scripts

App Store Links:

Dropzone 4 - Mac App Store

Dropzone 3 - Mac App Store

Show Links:

Dropzone - Aptonic

Create actions - Aptonic GitHub

Video Tutorial Comments

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David Bennett

I looked on the AppStore, saw that the app mentions 'in-app purchases', dowloaded v4, didn't upgrade to Pro and wondered what 'Pro' offers that the free version doesn't. Eventually I tracked down this sentence in the blog post about the v4 release:

"Therefore the biggest change in this version of Dropzone is that it is transitioning to a subscription based business model. This means the base app is now totally free, but if you want to support continued development of Dropzone and use the apps premium features then it will cost $1.99 per month ($24/year)."

David Bennett

Should have said also that there is no explanation of what those premium features are. A commenter named Helmut asked that back in January and the reply is as follows:

Good question – Currently the free functionality (no subscription required) is:

-Move/Copy Files
-Open Applications
-Imgur Uploading
-Shorten URLs
-Drop Bar

And the paid functionality (subscription required) is:

-Access to and use of a growing library of cloud actions
-All app updates, including major ones, provided automatically
-Amazon S3 Uploading
-Google Drive uploading
-FTP Uploading
-Key triggers for actions
-Service hotkey to run action
-Developing your own actions

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