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Space is always a premium on your Mac, and keeping it uncluttered can give you a performance boost. Gemini 2 from MacPaw makes de-duplicating your Mac a breeze. It won the Prestigious International Design Award - the Red Dot.

Available from the App Store or via your Setapp subscription, Gemini finds identical files and even similar files on your Mac, allowing for automatic removal. It also gives you the option to manually select duplicates or similar files for deletion. Not sure if you want to delete immediately? Setup Gemini to move your duplicate files to a temporary folder before deletion - just in case.

App Store Links: Gemini 2: The Duplicate Finder on the Mac App Store

Show Links: SetApp Subscription

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Camilla Westnes

How to delete photos, which are not really on my Mac, I have chosen option to optimize my Mac, I can’t downloaded all the photos because I don’t have a space on my computer so how to do it?


Hi Camilla,

I'm pretty sure that Gemini can only identify duplicates for photos that exist on your Mac. Perhaps it might be worth contacting the developers, MacPaw, and see if they can suggest a way to do it. Or perhaps they might treat it as a feature request!

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