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Spotlight is great but HoudahSpot is so much better!

HoudahSpot gives you a more detailed and powerful interface into your Spotlight searches. By exposing a multitude of metadata attributes and combining that with a highly flexible and customisable query engine, you'll never lose a file again.

In this week's tip video, Don gives you some of the reasons why HoudahSpot is his go-to search utility on the Mac.

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Jim Leff

Houdahspot has a brother application from the same developer: Tembo {]

Tembo also searches your Mac, but in a different way. I find it invaluable to have and use both.

Here is a brief explanation of the differences:

If you pretty much like Spotlight but wish it worked better and more powerfully, Tembo’s for you. If you want to build powerful, specific searches your own way, then you want HoudahSpot.

Use Tembo for easy, everyday searches (your recipe for beef strogonoff, a photo titled “Einstein”).
Use HoudahSpot for more focused, complex searches (an icon file 1024 pixels wide last accessed sometime before 2013, a spreadsheet created between January and April 2010 labeled “important” which includes both your landlord’s name and your lawyer’s name).

Tembo is right brain, HoudahSpot is left brain.
Tembo is from Venus, HoudahSpot is from Mars.

Jim Leff

Also, it would be helpful if you'd add links to referenced previous screencasts, e.g.


Don McAllister

Hi Jim, Thanks for the comments - I've updated the show description with a link to the original show - good call!

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