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With a number of established window management utilities already available on macOS, it's always interesting to see another player hit the market and Lasso is a great addition to this space. In this video, Lee runs through the application in detail, including a feature that is unique to Lasso: Global shortcuts.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Pricing and Installation [00:00:34]
  • Changing the Keyboard Shortcut [00:03:05]
  • Resizing Windows using Lasso Window [00:04:06]
  • Changing the Grid Size [00:05:30]
  • Custom Layouts [00:06:09]
  • Lasso Preferences [00:08:26]

Show Links:

Lasso - Developer Site

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Bob Cleaver

I am looking for a screen management app that controls palette windows on multiple monitors - Moom does not provide this service for palette management - my second monitor is an iMac using Luna Display (Don McAllister has a similar setup currently)

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