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Following on from a request from a ScreenCastsOnline member, Don went on a quest to find out the best way to extract messages from the Messages app for use in emails or other applications. The best solution he found was PhoneView from Ecamm - but it does so much more!

In this week's tip video, Don takes you through the initial setup of PhoneView and demonstrates how easy it is to create PDFs, Text files, CSV files and more from your messages. You can even extract the media files and play them independently. PhoneView is also a great way to create permanent archives of your messages.

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PhoneView - Ecamm

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Chris Brown

I've been a PhoneView user since 2008. Initially I used it to archive Messages and my Call Log. Now that iMessage also shows on my Mac I don't need that feature as much, but the Call Log is still valuable.
I've also used PhoneView many times to recover/extract images from my phone, and sometimes even data-files for certain apps.
PhoneView is one of the first apps I install when I get a new Mac.

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