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The developer of Drafts has released an application that solves one of Lee's challenges: scanning on the go. Whilst there is no shortage of scanning apps in the App Store, they tend to be either too expensive, or strewn with ads making it difficult to just pick up your phone, scan, and move on. Simple Scan is different because it's inexpensive and allows you to lightly configure it make sure you can quickly scan documents and carry on with your day. Lee walks you through the current feature set in this video.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Feature Set [00:00:48]
  • The Interface [00:02:01]
  • Scanning Multi-page PDFs [00:06:03]
  • Changing Destinations [00:07:18]
  • Simple Scan Settings [00:07:59]
  • Custom Destinations [00:08:26]
  • More Custom Destinations Options [00:09:45]
  • Widgets [00:12:13]

App Store Links:

Simple Scan - iOS App Store

Show Links:

Simple Scan - Developer Site

Simple Scan - Custom Destinations Configuration

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