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Taking screenshots on your iOS device is easy, but combining multiple screenshots from a message thread or long website can be difficult.

In this episode, Mike shows you how to stitch multiple screenshots together quickly and easily using Tailor. From combining screenshots, to copying and pasting the finished image out of Tailor and then exporting it using the iOS Share sheet, you can quickly become familiar with this clever tool.

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David Bennett

Tried it with a capture of a website - 18 captures and it did not do very well with them - lots of overlap.


Mike Schmitz

I've seen some weirdness, but usually if I redo it I can fix it. In my experience, the more overlap you have between the screens the easier time it has stitching them together. If you have lots of overlap and it's causing issues, maybe try a little less. The sweet spot for me seems to be about 10-15% of the screen.

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