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Lee has been testing lots of mobile scanning applications recently as he tries to remove his reliance on his desktop ScanSnap. After finally settling on SwiftScan, he shows you how it's used and how much depth there is to this versatile application.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Getting the App
  • Scanning an Image
  • Post Capture Actions
  • Naming and Filing Documents
  • Document Options
  • App Settings

App Store Links:

SwiftScan - iOS App Store

Show Links:

Developer Site

Video Tutorial Comments

(2 comments posted)

Martin Turner

Hi, I didn't get through your tutorial, but beyond simple scanning, this app is quite expensive, AND it's rental software (i.e., subscription-base). And if you use its base (free) features, you have to suffer ads. I might have bought a full-featured copy IF it were one price does it all (i.e., and version upgrades like many other products do without being rental software). I DON'T DO RENTAL SOFTWARE. You may have addressed that in your vid, but if not, with future vids, you should, as many of us out here eschew rental software!


Don McAllister

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your comments. I'm not sure what your point is other than you are against subscription software. We mentioned the fact it was ad-supported or subscription-based in the first minute of the tutorial.

I realise that not everyone is a fan of subscription-based software, but it's a valid method of supporting developers of software that you like and find value in. With the App Store normalising low-cost software, it must be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for some developers to make ends meet using the traditional software purchase model.

Obviously, we can't ignore or exclude subscription-based software - it's up to each member to make their own personal judgment call to determine if the software is worth the subscription to them, or if they need to seek out cheaper or free options.

We'll continue to include subscription-based software in our coverage, but will of course make sure that this is pointed out at the beginning of each tutorial.

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