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This week, we look at a clever macOS menu bar utility called Trickster. This application presents filtered views of your most commonly accessed applications and files.

After installing the app, Lee shows you how to set up and edit filters, configure file tracking, as well as some useful keyboard shortcuts.

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Trickster - Developer

Trickster - Setapp

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Jim Leff

Especially for an app that few of your users are familiar with, you need to demonstrate the actual use of the app at the beginning.

You’ve offered tips for setting up an app whose usefulness we must to try to imagine from the verbal description.


Lee Garrett

Hi there Jim,

Thanks ever so much for the feedback - whilst I endeavour to pack as much into the time constraints of a tip video as I can, managing that balance can at time be tricky depending on the type of application, or utility, being demonstrated. Thanks for the comment!

David Bennett

I get it - it is a record of stuff I opened recently that I might want to open again but I can't find the item because I don't quite recall what is is called or where it is.

OK, it is not for everyone, but it might be for some people. On the whole, the detail is nicely explained, but the killer sales pitch for why I would want it was lacking.

I see a problem: I set the time limit to a week, but unfortunately I last opened the thing I am looking for eight days ago. Or I set the limit to a month and I have a long, long stream to look through. Am I right, or did I misunderstand that?

Lee Garrett

Hi David,

Thanks for the feedback. It is indeed a niche application, there is no doubt about that and as for the problem you see, this is mitigated by spending some time at the outset, configuring your filters to ensure that you don't have that long trail of items to look through - that, would negate the use of the app. You can configure lots of one-touch filters to access a certain type of content, and on the 15th October, an update was released to Trickster that includes Active Application Filtering. Details of this can be found within the User Manual once you have upgraded the app (It's on Page 9/10). This further improves the filtering ability.

Many thanks


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