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In this video, Lee introduces you to one of his favourite macOS applications: Unclutter.

You learn how to access clipboard snippets, store frequently used files for easy access, as well as making notes on the fly without cluttering up the screen, all thanks to Unclutter's clean interface.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Clipboard
  • Files
  • Notes
  • Unclutter Preferences

App Store Links:

Unclutter - Mac App Store Uncluttered - Website

Show Links:

Unclutter - Setapp

Video Tutorial Comments

(3 comments posted)

Sven Kielhorn

how do you activate two-finger swipe down? it simply does not do anything.

Lee Garrett

Hi Sven,

When the cursor is moved to the top of the screen, swipe down with two fingers. It’s as though you are pulling down the Unclutter interface from just above the screen.

Ferrers Young

The real power of this utility, well at least for me, comes from the Services it provides — Ctrl click a file/folder in the Finder and choose Services from the drop down menu. The killer service is "Create alias in Unclutter Files" — this enables me to file the item away in it's correct location but still have quick access to it.

The other really useful thing I'm using Unclutter for, is as a home for some of my smart folders.

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