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Widgets have been a popular addition to iOS and iPadOS for some time now, however macOS has been left short. WidgetWall, by AmicoApps, allows you access to a limited set of widgets by simply pressing function and F11 on your keyboard. Whilst there are just a few stock widgets available within the app, they are extremely functional and in this video, Lee shows you how to add and configure them.

The full tutorial covers:

  • First Look [00:00:29]
  • Configuring Widgets [00:02:38]
  • Adding Widgets [00:03:26]
  • Photo Widget [00:05:03]
  • Configuration Options [00:06:26]
  • Menu Bar Controls [00:07:58]

Show Links:

WidgetWall - Developer Site

WidgetWall - Setapp

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