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In this show, Rosemary shows you what you can do with Toolbox Pro and Charty, two companion apps for Shortcuts on iOS.

Toolbox Pro simplifies some commands and allows you to do things that otherwise would not be possible in Shortcuts. Charty allows you to create a variety of beautiful charts and plot your data using Shortcuts.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Toolbox Pro Overview
  • Example Shortcuts in Toolbox Pro
  • Format Date with Toolbox Pro
  • File & Folder Bookmarks
  • Charty First Look
  • Charty Shortcuts Actions
  • Create a Chart in Shortcuts
  • Charty Examples
  • Charty Settings

App Store Links: Toolbox Pro for Shortcuts - iOS App Store

Charty for Shortcuts - iOS App Store

Show Links: Toolbox Pro


Open Files From Folder Search Toolbox Pro - Shortcuts

Charty Calendar Example - Shortcuts

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