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This week, Allison takes you on a tour of xkpasswd, a web app that helps you create long, strong, and yet memorable and easy-to-type passwords. It comes with several presets such as one for creating Apple ID passwords that are easy to type on an iOS keyboard. You can tailor this flexible password generator's settings to your exact specifications.

Even if you currently use a password manager, there are some passwords you have to frequently type or even speak to your Apple TV remote. Make those passwords easier to say and to type by using xkpasswd to create them.

The full tutorial covers:

  • XKCD Explains Further
  • Introducing xkpasswd
  • Generate Passwords
  • Presets Explained
  • APPLEID Preset
  • APPLEID Preset Settings
  • SECURITYQ Preset
  • Web 16 Preset
  • Web 32 Preset
  • WiFi Preset
  • XKCD Preset
  • Default Preset
  • Summary
  • Words
  • Transformations
  • Separator
  • Padding Digits & Symbols
  • Load/Save Config
  • Make xkpasswd a Pinned Tab
  • Donate

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Video Tutorial Comments

(2 comments posted)

Don McAllister

We had an interesting question via email from a member and I thought it would be useful to post it here:

Always usefull, Mrs Sheridans tutorials. But as always in the other Password tutorials, she does not explain how to migrate from our actual and probably very fragile passwords to the one so brightfully explained and presented. Could she help us with that ?
Thanks a lot, Have a good week end


Allison Sheridan

Don sent me your question on the password tutorials.

I don't explain how to migrate passwords because there is no standard process. You have to go into every website and every app and change every one by hand. There's no centralized, automatic way to do this.

I do have advice though.

The MOST important password, believe it or not, is your email password. I say that because virtually every service/website/app allows you to change your password if you forget it, by emailing you a link to change it. If your email is compromised, then EVERYTHING is compromised.

Next, make a list of the "Crown Jewels". This would be your bank, your healthcare logins, wherever your precious photos are stored, and maybe your social media accounts. Anything that if you lost it you'd be devastated. With that list in hand, change those as soon as you can. If there's 20 accounts, maybe do 3 or 4 a day. Setting aside 15 minutes a day is much less overwhelming than trying to do all of them at once. Stay disciplined though!

I'd think next about any site/service that has your credit card or bank info stored. I didn't think my Skype account was all that important, but forgot that I had set it up to reload automatically via PayPal. My Skype account got compromised because it was the same password on a different site that got hacked, and I lost $200 from someone calling India over a 2 hour period!

After your email and the Crown Jewels are done, you can start working your way through the less important passwords. If you install the browser extension for your password manager, and you log into a site, the password manager will offer to save the password for you. Say yes. After you've gotten a bunch of them in there, the password manager will show you where you have repeated or poor passwords, and you can start to work your way through that list.

I hope this helps you think about how to attack the problem, and thanks for the kind words about my tutorials,

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