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By providing a temporary space to park your files and app data, Yoink makes moving those items around more intuitive and efficient.

This handy utility accepts any file from Finder, as well as data from almost any app. Whether you want to move or copy files to a different folder or hard drive on your Mac, or wish to collect images from a website before you move them to your desired destination, Yoink has got you covered. On iOS, Yoink is your shelf for all the things you drag, copy, and share.

This week Richard gives you a tour of Yoink, and shares a few of his favourite tips on the Mac.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Downloading and Installing Yoink
  • Exploring the Preference Pane
  • Basic macOS Functionality
  • More Ways to Add Items
  • Downloading and Settings on iOS
  • iOS Interface
  • Adding Items on iOS
  • Moving Items on iOS
  • Tips and Tricks on Yoink for Mac
  • Save PDF to Yoink
  • Calendar Events from Email
  • Send Screenshots to Yoink

Update: Yoink is now included in a Setapp Subscription

App Store Links:

Yoink - Mac App Store

Yoink - iOS App Store

Video Tutorial Comments

(4 comments posted)

Kor Vos

Thanks, useful indeed on iOS. Only one thing I haven't figured out is how to handle zip files. When I download it with Yoink from the web, how can I unzip it and take some files out of the archive?


Richard Baker

Hi Kor,
iOS doesn’t naitively support zip files, but there are a few third party apps that you could use. Winzip I believe is one. Hope that helps!

Kor Vos

I'll look into it. Thanks.

Martin Turner

Please DO NOT ASSUME (remember that word’s alternate meaning) that a person watching a refresh/update whatever course knows the details of the primary product. At least do a short reminder/refresher of WHY the product is under review, what problems its solves, and WHY it is “better” than similar products.
Case in point: The Yoink videos 829 and 1125. The vid starts with how things changed/got better without telling WHY I SHOULD CARE. I had to go back to 315 to find out what it did and why it is a good choice for what it does (i.e., explained by what it does).
As it turns out, after going back to the first video (315), Yoink was of interest to me, and I now have it running on my Macs, iPhones, and iPads.
Please, help not to waste our time. I enjoy my subscription, but the vids can be done better as indicated herein.

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