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"AppleScript is an English-like language used to create script files and applets that control the actions of the computer and the applications that run on it" - macosxautomation.com

You can do a lot with Services and Automator on the Mac, but unleash the power of AppleScript, and you'll be amazed at what can be achieved.

This week's show is an AppleScript primer, designed to demystify AppleScript and give you some pointers to explore further. Even if you don't want to become an AppleScript guru, the show will help you modify, run and save sample AppleScripts that you may find already written on the web.

The full tutorial covers:

  • AppleScript Editor
  • Configuration
  • Some AppleScript Examples
  • AppleScript Dictionaries
  • Saving AppleScripts
  • Recording & Templates
  • AppleScript Resources

Show Links:

For more information, be sure to checkout the Mac OSX Automation website

For the AppleScript 1-2-3 iBook, please feel free to use this affiliate link

Video Tutorial Comments

(5 comments posted)

Colin Croft

Just discovered that AppleScript 1-2-3 may not be available in all countries that have an iBooks store, at least it isn't in NZ. However there is a Kindle version available for about $23

Lee Montgomery

Great tutorial on a great topic. Thanks, Don!

Jeff Knouse

Loved the AppleScript intro tutorial. Hope you decide to do more tutorials on AppleScript automaton. You have the best tutorials.

Mitch Jackson

Thanks Don. A timely screencast, as you noted. I've amended a few simple AppleScripts, but this gave me additional information and resources on how to begin writing them. Looking forward to more AppleScripts, thanks to you.

Tommy Weir

Yes, more of this... And Keyboard Maestro integration with it....

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