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Paprika Recipe Manager is designed to help you with all aspects of your cooking.

With it you can browse the web to research and find new recipes, capture recipes directly from supported websites with a single click, produce smart grocery lists for single recipes or even an entire week's worth at the touch of a button.

Paprika is the ultimate recipe manager, assisting you whilst you cook with multiple timers, pinned recipes and some other clever tools. It can even help you plan your meals and assemble menus.

Add in cross platform support and seamless syncing, and you'll wonder how you ever managed without it!

With Paprika on the Mac, you can research your recipes directly from within Paprika itself. Either search or organise your existing recipe database, or add to it by browsing the web using Paprika's own built in browser. Find a recipe you want to keep? Paprika will store the recipe with a single click on supported sites. If the site isn't directly supported, just use the built in tools to help you capture the recipe, quickly and easily.

Be sure to see how impressive Paprika is on the iPhone and iPad by checking out this week's iOS show - SCOI0161

The full tutorial covers:

  • Introduction & Installation
  • Capturing Recipes
  • Manually Adding Recipes
  • Using Categories
  • Using Cooking Tools
  • Creating Grocery Lists
  • Meal Planner & Menu
  • Preferences and Import

Video Tutorial Comments

(6 comments posted)

Shawn Gallant

Thanks for this screencast. Meal planning is a chore that takes away precious family time from us on the weekends. If it saves us time and energy it's an app worth using.

Ryan Scott

Hi Shawn, Feedback via email on the Paprika show has been hugely positive. Glad you liked it too!

Ryan Scott

Hi Shawn, Feedback via email on the Paprika show has been hugely positive. Glad you liked it too!

Jeffrey Price

Hi Don, you said that Paprika was "the one I found to be the most comprehensive and one that is truly impressive in its implementation and execution". It would be useful to know many others you tried before deciding on Paprika. I use MacGourmet and I find it to be very good.

Best regards

Jeff Orice


I used a couple including MacGourmet but seemed to prefer the execution of Paprika.

Ingrid Harrington

Like this app. So easy to snag recipes, make a plan, shopping list & re-write instructions. I like using my electric pressure cooker & am having fun adapting recipes for it, right in Paprika. Prefer ingredients to be adjacent to method, this app makes it easy to do without missing anything.

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