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Tip - All About Find My

Date : 5th March 2024

Duration: 12:13

Show ref: SCOM1340

Keeping track of your Apple devices, AirTag items, and even loved ones, is easy with Apple's Find My app. Regardless of the platform you are using, you can keep track of your devices whereabouts, notify friends and family when you are leaving or arriving at a location, mark devices as lost if you fear they won't be returned and much more. In this video, Lee gives you a tour of Find My and its features.

watchOS 10 Update

Date : 19th September 2023

Duration: 27:31

Show ref: SCOM1292

Each year, a new version of watchOS is released, yet to date, the overall look and feel of the operating system has remained largely unchanged.

However, watchOS 10 is very different. With an overhaul of the interface, it's sleeker, faster and makes a lot more use of the dimensions of your watch face, with full-screen apps. Smart Stack allows you to quickly access widgets from either the Digital Crown or swiping up from the bottom of the watch face.

In this video, Lee walks you through the new layout and showcases some of the more impressive app redesigns.

Your Health & Apple Watch

Date : 14th July 2023

Duration: 24:18

Show ref: SCOM1273

To conclude his series on Apple Watch, Darcy showcases many of the health focused apps and hardware available on your wrists. Watch along to learn how to check your heart rate, ECG and blood oxygen in the moment and share that information with medical professionals. And for people who exercise at any level, a full breakdown of the exercise app including custom workouts and mindfulness. All of this information is then shown through the Fitness and Health apps to give you a rounded picture of your health.

Tip - Media on Apple Watch

Date : 6th June 2023

Duration: 09:31

Show ref: SCOM1262

The Apple Watch can be an all-purpose audio entertainment device. With the iPod now long gone, consumers can still leave their iPhone at home and take music, podcasts and audiobooks with them on the go. In this tip Darcy takes you through the experience of syncing and streaming content with the Watch app, including how to control the Music app on your Mac using your Apple Watch.

Tip - Settings on Apple Watch

Date : 23rd May 2023

Duration: 11:31

Show ref: SCOM1258

The Apple Watch is a fully capable piece of technology, and along with that comes a mountain of settings, preferences and customisation. In this tip video Darcy explores the Apple Watch Settings app and the iPhone Watch app. He shows you how you can move from one to the other and easily change Home Screen layouts, watch faces, and, if you have Apple Watch Ultra, configure the action button.

Apple Watch Basics

Date : 12th May 2023

Duration: 35:03

Show ref: SCOM1255

The Apple Watch has grown up over the years. And while many think of it solely as a health-focused product it's actually capable of much, much more. After going over the setup from scratch, Darcy shows you around some core apps such as Mail, Calendar, Messages, and Phone. He also gives you a taste of Find My, Camera Remote, Weather, and more.

Tip - Gentler Streak for Apple Watch

Date : 25th April 2023

Duration: 10:06

Show ref: SCOM1250

An alternative to the Fitness app on Apple Watch, Gentler Streak assesses your health and fitness data to recommend the workout types, duration and intensity to help you improve without overdoing it. Know when you need to rest, what to eat and stay on top of your health. In this tip Darcy gives you a tour of the app and shows you its main features and benefits.

watchOS 9 Overview

Date : 30th September 2022

Duration: 26:10

Show ref: SCOM1191

It's been a while since we've looked at the operating system powering Apple Watch, so with the release of watchOS 9, we decided the time was right. In this show, Don explores the functionality and usefulness of these new features and apps.