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Craft Updates

Date : 12th April 2024

Duration: 28:12

Show ref: SCOM1351

Craft is a fantastic tool for writing and organising information in a variety of ways. It is an app that gets frequent updates so it can be challenging to keep up with all that is new and improved. In this week's tutorial, Don takes you through most of the updates released in the last 12 months, that make Craft even more attractive than before.

Tip - Using Siri and Shortcuts with Notes

Date : 9th April 2024

Duration: 08:15

Show ref: SCOM1350

This short video complements shows 1341 and 1343, Lee's deep dive into Apple Notes. There are a few commands you can use with Siri to create, find, and read your notes, and Lee shows you how this is done here. There is also one feature that has been unavailable since iOS 16 and that's the ability to append to a note. There is a simple workaround using Shortcuts however, and you learn about it in this video.

Drafts Updates 2024

Date : 5th April 2024

Duration: 25:38

Show ref: SCOM1349

It's been a while since we've taken a close look at Drafts, the phenomenal note-taking and quick capture app from Greg Pierce.  In this episode, Mike shows us what's new and shares some of his favorite new features, on both iPhone and Mac.  These include support for widgets on both the iOS Home and Lock screens, a varied collection of Shortcuts actions, the ability to post directly to Mastodon, sending text to Drafts using a special email, and much more.

Deep Dive on Apple Notes - Pt 2

Date : 15th March 2024

Duration: 41:23

Show ref: SCOM1343

In episode 1341, Lee released the first part of his deep dive into Apple Notes, covering how to create notes, format them, create links and work with attachments.  In this second instalment, he focuses on organising your notes using folders, tags and Smart Folders. Lee also covers collaborating with others and exporting your notes for use with other applications.

Deep Dive on Apple Notes - Pt 1

Date : 8th March 2024

Duration: 37:56

Show ref: SCOM1341

Some of the stock applications on our Apple devices can be overlooked when the latest, greatest third-party application releases a new update, or a trendy new app gets launched. Apple's own Notes app is an example of one such application that deserves to be covered more, as it's a solid option for a large majority of users who need a place to store short notes, long-form text, attachments, and more.

In this first video in a two-part series, Lee shows you how to add different accounts to your Notes application, create and format notes and work with attachments. You also learn how to create links between your notes.

iA Presenter

Date : 1st March 2024

Duration: 29:34

Show ref: SCOM1339

Apple's Keynote has loads of great features, but this abundance of options can sometimes get in the way of building your presentation. iA Presenter brings a simpler approach which helps you focus on your story. It creates slides automatically based on what you write using its clean Markdown text editor.

In this screencast, Mike walks through how to use iA Presenter to make great looking presentations quickly and easily, using only plain text.

Tip - Rocket

Date : 20th February 2024

Duration: 08:27

Show ref: SCOM1336

Apple's built-in emoji picker on Mac leaves a lot to be desired. Using Rocket, from developer Matthew Palmer, you can search for and insert emojis, animated GIFs, images, and text snippets into any text field quickly and easily. It's a simple utility that is a joy to use. In this screencast, Mike shows you how Rocket works.

Image Descriptions for Social Media

Date : 9th February 2024

Duration: 28:12

Show ref: SCOM1333

We all love to post images on social media and often we're trying to figure out how to gain more followers to get more reach. One of the ways you can increase your audience is by adding descriptions to your images so that visually impaired people can enjoy them, too. These descriptions have different names: alt tags, alt text, alternative text, descriptions, or sometimes simply captions. In this tutorial, Allison teaches you how to add alt text in several social media platforms using her iPhone. You also learn how to use a free application called Be My Eyes to add incredibly good captions for your images using AI, saving you the trouble of thinking them up yourself.

Tip - Funnel

Date : 30th January 2024

Duration: 10:27

Show ref: SCOM1330

Obsidian is a powerful app, but it doesn't make it easy to capture things on iOS. Opening Obsidian requires your whole vault and all the associated plugins need to load, so until the developers add an improved workflow for mobile quick capture, iPhone users are left to figure out something using third-party apps. Funnel makes it easy to capture things quickly to Obsidian, including images — even if you don't use iCloud to sync your data. In this short video, Mike shows you how Funnel can assist you with quick capture of text and images in Obsidian, but it can also be used with several other apps to perform the same task.

Apple's Journal

Date : 26th January 2024

Duration: 28:27

Show ref: SCOM1329

With the release of iOS 17.2, Apple joins the journaling space with their own app, Journal. It does a lot of things well, including making it easy to reflect on significant events that have happened recently, and the ability to add entries in a variety of ways. It also offers a Journaling Suggestions API, that other apps can use to enhance their own journaling experiences.In this video, Mike walks through the basic types of info and media that you can use for journal entries, and explains how to send things to the Journal app using the Share Sheet. He also shows you how the Journaling Suggestions API works in the popular app Day One.

Tip - Zinnia

Date : 16th January 2024

Duration: 09:58

Show ref: SCOM1326

Creativity can be the most enjoyable aspect of a physical planner. This can be restricted with other apps that focus on the more logical elements of a journal such as calendar events, reminders and notes. Zinnia brings these two worlds together, giving users an infinite amount of creativity in a journal that serves an organisational purpose.

In this short video, Darcy shares his findings as he takes you on a tour of Zinnia on iPad to show you how it approaches planning and journaling, complete with decorative elements to make your journal personal.

Pages on iPad

Date : 22nd December 2023

Duration: 29:09

Show ref: SCOM1319

Pages, Apple’s long standing word processor is more robust than you might realise. Starting with file management and templates, Darcy walks you through two word processing scenarios. Modifying placeholders in existing templates and creating your own for continued use. You discover how to make your projects come to life using multimedia, reader mode for examining projects, and how to collaborate with each other.

Tip - iOS 17.2 New Features

Date : 19th December 2023

Duration: 13:10

Show ref: SCOM1318

As this dot release of iOS comes with some great new features, we thought we’d dedicate a tip video to it to get you up to speed as soon as possible! With the 17.2 release the long-awaited Journal application makes its debut on iPhone, allowing users to record activities, thoughts and feelings in a secure, portable manner.

Lee does an "unboxing" of the app before your eyes, and he also touches on other nice 17.2 features: updates to the Action Button, recording Spatial Video (iPhone 15 Pro only), Messages, and a favourites playlist in Music.

Tip - Tagging in Drafts

Date : 7th November 2023

Duration: 11:46

Show ref: SCOM1306

Drafts has long been a favourite third-party application of the ScreenCastsOnline team. You can use it on its own as a note repository, or send text to other applications, meaning it can be as complicated, or as simple as you need.

If you want to use it as a storage space for all of your notes and ideas, it's important to file them correctly and that's where tagging can be a great help. In this video, Lee walks you through the nuances of tagging in Drafts and how you can use advanced tags, such as Scoped Tags, to file (and find) your notes efficiently.

Tip - Plotten for iOS

Date : 10th October 2023

Duration: 11:13

Show ref: SCOM1298

For those who love novel writing or magazine creation, Plotten offers a simplified, modern experience. Designed to get out of the way and let you write, this app has all the tools you’ll need to write such as file structuring, basic text customisation, image editing and exporting options. Join Darcy as he takes you on a tour of Plotten on iPad.

Tip - Bear for iPad

Date : 12th September 2023

Duration: 11:39

Show ref: SCOM1290

In show 1281, Lee covered Bear 2.0 on macOS, showing off some of the new features that bring it back up as a serious contender once more in the crowded note-taking space.

As taking notes on iPad is a wonderful experience, Lee show you how you can use Bear on the go, sync it to your iCloud account and secure it on a mobile device, whilst using your Apple Pencil to write and draw.

Goodnotes 6

Date : 8th September 2023

Duration: 29:03

Show ref: SCOM1289

Goodnotes is out with a major new version that adds AI superpowers to an already phenomenal analog note-taking app. In this visual tour of of what's new in Goodnotes 6, Mike walks you through the fancy new features like analog spellchecking, Word Complete, and AI Math Assistance, so you can decide for yourself if it's worth the upgrade.

Tip - Properties in Obsidian

Date : 22nd August 2023

Duration: 11:20

Show ref: SCOM1284

Our resident Obsidian expert is back! This time around, Mike explains how the new Properties feature can help in your day to day use of Obsidian by making it a breeze to add more information in the form of mediate to your notes. Properties does this in an intuitive and interactive way. You also learn how to display that information in the sidebar.


Date : 18th August 2023

Duration: 25:02

Show ref: SCOM1283

Previously covered in 2017 by Todd, Curio has received a lot of updates over the years. Today Darcy takes you through many of them and shows you how one of the most robust researching apps on the market has become even better. Learn more about journalling, working with PDFs in multiple spaces, tagging, using web archives in your work, syncing figures, and so much more.

Revisiting Bear

Date : 11th August 2023

Duration: 31:51

Show ref: SCOM1281

After receiving an Apple Design Award in 2016 on its first release, Bear has seen a lot of competition from other Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) applications.

With a re-engineered design, Bear 2.0 is here and it's added a number of features that fans of the app have been asking for. These include tables, nested Styles, folding of text and auto-hiding Markdown when it's typed. Add to that support for footnotes, link and PDF previews, image resizing, and more. This is a worthy update and Lee walks you through it in this screencast.