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In this tutorial, Richard revisits Word, Excel and PowerPoint and shows you some useful tips and tricks to make your life easier when using these powerful apps.

You learn how to create page and section breaks and convert existing text to a table in Word, merge cells and use the format painter in Excel, as well as distribute objects on your slide and organise your slides into sections in PowerPoint.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Word - Adding and Changing Styles
  • Word - Adding Page and Section Breaks
  • Word - Converting Text to Table
  • Excel - Text Wrap
  • Excel - Format Painting
  • Excel - Merging Cells
  • PowerPoint - Using Sections
  • PowerPoint - Using Slide Master View
  • PowerPoint - Aligning Objects
  • PowerPoint - Using Outline View

App Store Links:

MS Office 365 - Mac App Store

Video Tutorial Comments

(7 comments posted)

Gray Hodge

That was a great tutorial, I enjoyed because it surprised me how simple Word seems to be compared with Pages, which is all I’ve used for years. Would you say there are many good reasons to choose Word, and other MS products instead of the Apple equivalents? If so, what is the easiest way to begin using them on a Mac or iPad?

Richard Baker

Thanks Grey!
The question needs context. In my case, because I teach in a high school, then Word is the “de facto. Pages is a fine product and if you’re just doing the simple stuff then you’re fine. If you’re interested in seeing what Word can do then I’m pretty sure there’s a trial period, and I just so happen to have a good Word tutorial on the site in 2018. Good luck!

Richard Baker

Sorry. Spelled your name wrong. Damn you autocorrect!

Scott Warnock

Excellent. Thanks so much. This will help a lot in an upcoming work project I have.

Richard Baker

You’re very welcome sir!

Gray Hodge

Hi Richard, just revisiting the thread..I think what I wanted to know it possible to buy MS Word without the whole Office 365 (which I would never use)?
I was using a pages the other day and got frustrated with simple tasks being so difficult to perform.


Richard Baker

Hi Gray,
I believe Office is still available as a stand alone product (see here ) but honestly you’d be better getting into O365 as Office stand alone only entitles you to 1 computers worth whereas 365 you can install on as many as you like. Hope that helps!

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