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OneNote is a note-taking application from Microsoft that can be used on Mac and iOS. You can type, write or draw with the free form feel of pen to paper. OneNote allows you to search and add clips from the web to better illustrate your ideas. Tags can be used to sort and order your notes so you can easily find them later. Collaborate with anyone, stay on the same page and in sync wherever you are!

OneNote is also adept at handwritten notes on iOS, allows you to highlight what's important and express ideas with colors or shapes. It's easy to pull up your content from anywhere, even if you're offline. You can start on your laptop then update notes directly on iPad.

In Part 2, we move on to cover more advanced features in OneNote on Mac and IOS. We look at inserting audio and video, clipping information from the web, as well as sharing notebooks for collaboration.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Linking Pages
  • Creating Tables
  • Tagging
  • Inserting Audio and Video
  • Using the OneNote Web Clipper
  • Sharing Notebooks on the Mac
  • OneNote Recap on iOS
  • Tagging on iOS
  • Creating and Formatting (iOS)
  • Web Clipper in iOS
  • Scanning to OneNote (iOS)
  • Sharing Notebooks (iOS)

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Video Tutorial Comments

(4 comments posted)

Ran Whitehead

How do you send an email from the Apple mail program to OneNote. In the Windows version there is an easy tab that can be pushed and it goes directly to the OneNote Section/Page of your choice. Looking for the same functionality in the Mac version.


Richard Baker

Hi there. OneNote does have an “email to me” functionality you can find here. You can then set it up as a forward. Hope that helps!

Judy French

Thanks for your excellent and very helpful screencast Richard. Can you tell me if OneNote supports drag and drop on iOS?


Richard Baker

You’re very welcome Judy! The answer to your question is unfortunately no, not yet. MS are a little bit slow to adopt the latest and greatest on iOS. I’m sure they’ll get there, just a bit slow.

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