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In this episode, Don takes you through the basics of Notion, a fantastic cross-platform workspace environment. With Notion, you can create, share, and publish documentation, knowledge base articles, wikis, project schedules, databases, and much more.

Once you master the basic concepts of creating pages and sub-pages, it's easy to publish information to the web or share with individuals or teams. In a future episode, we will cover some of the more advanced aspects of Notion, as well as the iOS version. This initial episode focuses on getting you up and running.

The full tutorial covers

  • Introduction & Pricing
  • Sign Up Process
  • Using The Mac App
  • Creating A Page
  • Sharing
  • Page Styling & Sub Pages
  • Templates & Creating Wikis
  • Project Planning
  • Working with Databases

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Video Tutorial Comments

(10 comments posted)

Marios Chirtou

Thanks for doing this tutorial. I discovered Notion a couple of months ago and was hoping that you would cover this. Looking forward to some more advanced Notion tutorials in the future.

Zeya Alikhan

Hi there, what are people's thought about Notion vs Evernote? Looking forward to hearing from you.

Tony Criswell

When this video was first posted, I almost ignored it. After watching it and living with Notion for a few weeks, I'm very glad I didn't. I did an almost seamless import from Evernote (almost 2,000 notes). A bit of adjustment there, but I think it's going to work out well as an Evernote replacement. The pricing structure for a new user effectively gives you a few months free to try out the app. I think I can end my Evernote subscription when it comes up for renewal in 2020.


Don McAllister

Hi Tony, that's good to know. I always try to explain to people that ScreenCastsOnline is a growing resource and if a show isn't appropriate now, it may well be in the future. I think I'll mention that again in the newsletter this week!


Tony Criswell

Don, That's the truth. I spend a lot of time going back to past videos to refresh my mind on apps I have or because I just got a new one. Setapp and SCO is a match made in heaven.

Helmut Remse

Are all the data that I have on my Notion pages stored on Notion's servers (not save)?
Or can I use Notion as an app on my computer and store data locally?


Don McAllister

Hi Helmut, I would imagine that a copy of the data is cached locally but it will be stored on Notions servers. It needs this for web access.

Tommy Weir

Just started on Notion a week ago and am really impressed.

John Burrows

Just checking in to see if an updated/more thorough Notion tutorial is on the calendar.


Don McAllister

I'll pass your request on to J.F. to consider including an updated Notion tutorial.

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